Aaron ben Batash

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AARON BEN BATASH (Ben Senton-Ben Shem Tov; Hārūn al-Yahūdī ; d. 1465), vizier in Morocco. Aaron was a member of a family of Spanish origin who settled in *Fez. He served as banker and adviser to ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq, sultan of Morocco, later becoming his vizier. He appointed a relative, Saul b. Batash, intendant of the palace and chief of police. Aaron is mentioned as a scholar and writer. He imposed heavy taxes and was accused of distributing the revenue among his impoverished coreligionists. Anti-Jewish agitation by Muslim divines induced a mob attack on the Jewish quarter in Fez. The sultan and his vizier were assassinated in May 1465. (See *Morocco.)


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