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Ōmoto-kyō or Omoto (Teaching of the Great Origin and/or Foundation). A Japanese ‘new religion’. The group traces its history from 1892 when its foundress, Deguchi Nao (1837–1918), was possessed by the folk deity Ushitora-no-Konjin. Through this and later experiences of kamigakari, she articulated a radical millennarian world-view centred on this god. Following the failure of her eschatological prophecies in 1905, her cult was reorganized by her son-in-law and co-founder, Deguchi Onisaburō (1871–1948). Onisaburō rejected Nao's more radical teachings in favour of his own nationalistic Shinto doctrines, modernization theories, and spiritualistic practices. Today, the group maintains headquarters at Kameoka and Ayabe in W. Kyoto prefecture and claims a national membership of 163,000. Although non-proselytizing, Ōmoto-kyō supports charitable activities abroad and participates in the international ecumenical and peace movements.