Klong-chen Rab-ʾbyams-pa

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Klong-chen Rab-ʾbyams-pa (often simplified to Longchenpa, 1308–63). Major Tibetan scholar of the Nyingma-pa. He was of particular importance in the transmission of dzogchen (Great Perfection). After a thorough education in the existing traditions, he became disillusioned with this and sought enlightenment as a pupil of Kumārarāja (1266–1343), a renowned wandering ascetic who was a noted exponent of dzogchen. For a time, Klong-chen Rab-ʾbyams-pa was abbot of Samyé, but he could not avoid the political conflicts of the time and spent a period as an exile in (modern) Bhutan. He wrote many works, especially The Seven Treasures (mdzod-bdun) and Trilogy on Rest (ngal-gso skor-gsum). His own teachings were reorganized and promulgated by Jigme Lingpa (ʾJigs-med gling-pa, 1730–98), whence they became widely influential and were transmitted especially through the Rimé movement.