Vazov, Ivan

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Ivan Vazov (Ĭvän´ vä´zôf), 1850–1921, Bulgarian poet, novelist, and playwright, the first professional man of letters in Bulgaria. His work was inspired by the political upheavals of the period from 1890 to 1920 and by indignation over the sufferings of his countrymen before their liberation from Turkish rule. Under Our Heaven (1900), Songs of Macedonia (1914), and It Will Not Perish (1920) contain some of his best poetry. His novel Under the Yoke (1893, tr. 1893) is internationally famous. Vagabonds (1894) is his best-known play. Among his other works are the novels New Country (1894) and The Empress of Kazalar (1902) and the plays Borislav (1909) and Ivaylo (1911). Vazov's patriotic views forced him to flee Bulgaria many times.