Rangabe, Alexandros Rizos

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Alexandros Rizos Rangabe (älĕk´sänŧħrôs rē´zôs räNgäbā´, räng´gävēs´), 1810–92, Greek scholar, author, and diplomat, b. Constantinople. After 1831 he held government posts at Athens, notably the ministry of education (1833), and he later served as a diplomat in various capitals, among them Washington, D.C. In 1844 he became professor of archaeology at the Univ. of Athens. Prominent in the Greek classicist revival, he was a leading representative of the purist trend in modern Greek literature. He was particularly successful as a dramatist; among his works (written in purist Greek) are the comedy Tou Koutrouli o gamos [the marriage of Koutroulis] (1845) and the tragedy Triakonta tirani [the Thirty Tyrants] (1866).