Haworth, Sir Walter Norman

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Sir Walter Norman Haworth, 1883–1950, British chemist, Ph.D. Univ. of Göttingen, 1911. Haworth held academic posts at Imperial College of Science and Technology in London (1911–12), the Univ. of St. Andrews (1912–20), and the Univ. of Durham (1920–25). He joined the Univ. of Birmingham in 1925, where he was a professor until his retirement in 1948. In 1937 Haworth shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Paul Karrer. Cited for his investigations of carbohydrates and vitamin C, Haworth was the first to synthesize vitamin C and suggested it be named ascorbic acid. His extensive work on the molecular structure of carbohydrates included determining the structure of glucose and developing a method for describing the chemical formulas of carbohydrates.

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