Hale, John Parker

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John Parker Hale, 1806–73, American politician, b. Rochester, N.H. He practiced law at Dover, N.H., and had remarkable success with juries. He was U.S. district attorney (1834–41) and a member of the House of Representatives (1843–45). His refusal to vote for the annexation of Texas caused his expulsion from the Democratic party. He then (1847–53) served in the Senate as an independent and was nominated (1852) for President by the Free-Soil party. Again (1855–64) in the Senate, he was accused of questionable practices as naval committee chairman, and he was defeated (1864) for reelection. He was minister to Spain (1865–69).

See R. H. Sewell, John P. Hale and the Politics of Abolition (1965).

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Hale, John Parker

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