Fackenthal, Frank Diehl

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Frank Diehl Fackenthal (făk´ənthôl), 1883–1968, American educator, b. Hellertown, Pa., grad. Columbia, 1906. He served Columbia as chief clerk (1906–10), secretary (1910–37), and provost (1937–48). Between the retirement of Nicholas Murray Butler (1945) and the installation of General Eisenhower as president (1948), Dr. Fackenthal was acting president of the university, retaining his post as provost. After his retirement (1948) from the university he served as educational consultant to the Carnegie Corp. (1948–52) and then as president of the Columbia Univ. Press (1953–58). His principal speeches as acting president were published as The Greater Power and Other Addresses (1949).