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Enns (ĕns), town (1991 pop. 8,111), Upper Austria prov., N central Austria, on the Enns River near its confluence with the Danube. Enns manufactures glassware, jewelry, and roofing. It is also home to several major breweries. One of Austria's oldest towns, it was established as a fortress in the 10th cent. and was chartered in 1212. The picturesque town retains part of its medieval walls, a 16th-century fortress, and a Gothic parish church (13th–15th cent.). The former town hall (16th cent.) now houses a museum that includes Roman relics. Lorch, incorporated into Enns in 1938, is on the site of a Roman camp established (c.AD 170) by Marcus Aurelius. Near Enns is the Augustinian monastery of St. Florian.