Chabannes, Antoine de, comte de Dammartin

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Antoine de Chabannes, comte de Dammartin (äNtwän´ də shäbän´ kôNt də dämmärtăN´), 1408?–1488, French soldier in the Hundred Years War. He served with Joan of Arc, distinguishing himself at the siege of Orléans in 1428–29, fought as a captain of écorcheurs, or armed bands, and took part in the Praguerie revolt (1440). Pardoned by King Charles VII, he was appointed to various offices and presided over the committee that procured the conviction of the financier, Jacques Cœur. After the accession (1461) of King Louis XI he was imprisoned. He escaped and joined (1465) the League of the Public Weal against Louis XI, but was pardoned once more and became one of the king's most trusted officers.

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