Politics, Policy, and Political Dissent

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5 Politics, Policy, and Political Dissent

Introduction to Politics, Policy, and Political Dissent … 245


The Sugar Act of 1764 … 246

George Grenville, 1764

A Chartist Appeal to Lay Down Arms …249

Peter Bussey, 1838

Haymarket Riots … 252

Anonymous, 1886

Winston Churchill on Liberalism and Socialism … 254

Winston Churchill, 1908

One Aspect of Bolshevist Liberty … 258

Ludovic Naudeau, 1917

Lenine: The Man and His Beliefs …260

"A Russian Social Worker", 1918

Hitler's Propaganda Machine … 264

Roger B. Nelson, 1933

First Inaugural Address of President Franklin D. Roosevelt … 270

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933

A Statement by Frank E. Gannett, Publisher, Gannett Newspapers . . 274

Frank E. Gannett, 1937

American Indian Movement Siege of Wounded Knee…276

Anonymous, 1973

Iranian People Vote for an Islamic Republic… 278

Anonymous, 1979

Nation Building and Singapore's People's Association…280

Lee Kuan Yew, 1980

The Party That Isn't …285

Research Center for Peace and Unification, 1980

Fall of the Berlin Wall …287

John Gaps III, 1989

Tiananmen Square protests of June 1989… 290

Jeff Widener, 1989

An Urgent Appeal From Our Anguished Hearts … 292

Friends in the Struggle of the Lhasa Tiger-Leopard Group, 1989

Anti-Soviet President Gorbachev Caricatured Protest Sign During Soviet Armed Crackdown on Independence-bent Baltic SSR … 295

Igor Gavrilov, 1991

Britain's Labour Party Debate … 298

Anonymous, 1994

Greenpeace Activists Protest GOP Policy Agenda … 302

Terry Ashe, 1995

Berlin Police Use Tear Gas to Quell Anti-Nazi Protest…305

Tony Paterson, 2001

Expatriates Urge Fellow Iranians to Boycott Presidential Election … 307

Laura Wides, 2005

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Politics, Policy, and Political Dissent

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Politics, Policy, and Political Dissent