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Palestine Martyrs' Works Society (originally Production Society for the Children of Palestinian Martyrs; Jamiʿiyatʿamal abnaʾ shuhadaʾ falastin), an organization set up and headed by Ahmad Qurai for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Jordan in 1970 to provide vocational training and economic support for, at first, the children of those killed in the resistance, and after 1975, to all members of the Palestinian community in exile. It was moved to Beirut and reorganized in 1971. SAMED consisted of a set of business enterprises—crafts, little factories and agriculture—that operated in most Palestinian communities in the Middle East outside the occupied territories. It has been dormant since the founding of the Palestinian Authority, but Qurai is still its head. SAMED publishes a scholarly economics journal called Samed al-Iqtisadi (SAMED Economist).

SEE ALSO Palestine Liberation Organization;Palestinian Authority.