Islamic National Way Movement (Harakat Al-Masar Al-Watani Al-Islami, in Arabic)

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ISLAMIC NATIONAL WAY MOVEMENT (Harakat al-Masar al-Watani al-Islami, in Arabic)

Palestinian Islamic movement, created in August 1995 in the Gaza Strip by a former member of HAMAS, Mahmud Abu Dan, who had resigned from it in 1991 to join the Fatah of Yasir Arafat. Favorable to the Oslo Accords, some think that this movement was founded at the request of the leader of Fatah, so as to attempt to attract the moderates and malcontents of HAMAS. At the beginning of 1996, one of its leaders, Khadr Attiya Muhjaz, separated from it to found his own party, the Islamic National Union.

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