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Motacillidae (wagtails, pipits; class Aves, order Passeriformes) A family of medium-sized to small, black, grey, yellow, and brown birds, some of which are streaked. Motacilla flava (yellow wagtail) one of 10 species in its genus, exists in many subspecific forms, each having a different head colour. The bill is thin and slender, and the legs fairly long, with long hind claws. Motacillids have long bodies and long tails, usually edged with white or buff, which most species wag up and down. They inhabit grassland and open country, often near water. They feed mainly on insects, and nest on the ground. There are five genera, with 54 species, many migratory, and found world-wide.

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wagtails See MOTACILLIDAE.

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