Mostert, P(aul) S(tallings)

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MOSTERT, P(aul) S(tallings)

MOSTERT, P(aul) S(tallings). American, b. 1927. Genres: Mathematics/ Statistics. Career: Tulane University, New Orleans, assistant professor, 1954-57, associate professor, 1957-62, professor, 1962-70, chairman of dept., 1968-70; University of Tubingen, Germany, visiting professor, 1967-68; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, member, 1967-68; Semigroup Forum, managing ed., 1968-87, executive ed., 1970-85; University of Kansas, Lawrence, professor of mathematics, 1970-92, chairman of the dept., 1970- 73, professor emeritus, 1992-; Equix, Inc., president, 1984-85; Pennfield Biomechanics Corp., president, 1985-89; Equix Biomechanics Corp., president, 1989-97; Mostert Group, Equimost, owner, 1997-. Publications: Analytic Trigonometry, 1960; (with K.H. Hoffmann) Splitting in Topological Groups, 1963; (with K.H. Hoffmann) Elements of Compact Semigroups, 1967; (ed.) The Proceedings of the Conference on Transformation Groups, 1968; (with K.H. Hoffmann) The Cohomology Ring of Finite and Compact Abelian Groups, 1973. Address: 3298 Roxburg Dr, Lexington, KY 40503, U.S.A.

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Mostert, P(aul) S(tallings)

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