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labium (pl. labia)
1. The lower lip in the mouthparts of an insect, which is used in feeding and is formed by the fusion of a pair of appendages (the second maxillae).

2. Either member of two pairs of fleshy folds that form part of the vulva. The outer and larger pair, the labia majora, are covered by pubic hair and contain adipose tissue; the smaller labia minora lack adipose tissue and pubic hair. Both pairs of labia contain sebaceous glands.

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labium Of an insect, the lower ‘lip’ of the mouth. See also LABIAL PALP; MASK.

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labium (lay-bi-ŭm) n. (pl. labia) a lip-shaped structure, especially either of the two pairs of skin folds that enclose the vulva. The larger outer pair are known as the labia majora and the smaller inner pair the labia minora.