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Tonka ★★½ A Horse Named Comanche 1958

A children's story about a wild horse tamed by a young Indian, only to have it recruited for the Battle of Little Bighorn. Mineo is fine as the Indian brave deter mined to be reunited with his steed. The film also makes a laudable effort to portray the Indians as a dignified race. The movie, however, stumbles at its conclusion and is contrived throughout. 97m/C VHS . Sal Mineo, Phil Carey, Jerome Courtland; D: Lewis R. Foster.

tonka bean

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tonka bean Seed of the South American tree Dipteryx odorata with a sweet, pungent smell, used like vanilla for flavouring.


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tonka t. bean, seed of S. Amer. tree of the genus Dipteryx. XVIII. — local name in Guyana.