Tonight or Never

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Tonight or Never ★★ 1931

Nella (Swanson) is a young opera singer whose Venice debut is criticized for her lack of passion. So she spends the night with a nameless handsome admirer (Douglas), which does the trick. Nella is suddenly offered a contract with the Metropolitan Opera and learns that her new lover is a talent scout who arranged the whole thing and everything works out just peachy. Film is adapted from a play by Lili Hatvany, in which Douglas also starred. 80m/B VHS, DVD . Gloria Swanson, Melvyn Douglas, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Alison Skipworth, Boris Karloff, Robert Greig; D: Mervyn LeRoy; W: Ernest Vajda, Frederic Hatton, Fanny Hatton; C: Gregg Toland; M: Alfred Newman.