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Hylidae (tree frogs; class Amphibia, order Anura) A family of frogs whose feet have suction pads. The digits are elongated with an extra, cartilaginous element. Brood-care behaviour is often well developed. Females of Gastrotheca marsupiatum (marsupial frog), small (3 cm) S. American frogs, carry fertilized eggs in a dorsal pouch for more than 100 days before releasing the tadpoles into water. Hyla arborea (European tree frog or green tree frog), the only tree frog to occur in Europe, with a range extending into N. Africa and temperate Asia, can change colour from light green to brown; the male has a balloon-like vocal sac but does not develop nuptial pads. There are 600 species in the family, widespread in tropical and temperate zones. They are mainly arboreal, but a few are secondarily ground-living, or aquatic.

tree frog

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tree frog • n. an arboreal frog (families Hylidae, of Eurasia, America, and Australia; and Rhacophoridae of Africa and Asia) that has long toes with adhesive disks and is typically small and brightly colored. The numerous species include the common green tree frog (Hyla arborea) of southern Europe

tree frogs

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tree frogs See HYLIDAE.