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chip·munk / ˈchipˌməngk/ • n. a burrowing ground squirrel (genus Tamias) with cheek pouches and light and dark stripes running down the body. Its many species include the North American eastern chipmunk (T. striatus).


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chipmunk Small, ground-dwelling squirrel native to North America and Asia. It carries nuts, berries and seeds in cheek pouches, to store underground. Active tree-climbers in summer, they hibernate in winter. Most chipmunks are brown with black-bordered, light stripes. Length: 13–15cm (5–6in), excluding tail. Family Sciuridae; genera Eutamias and Tamias.


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chipmunk (Tamias, Eutamias) See SCIURIDAE.


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Eutamias (chipmunk) See SCIURIDAE.


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Tamias (chipmunk) See SCIURIDAE.


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chipmunk, chipmuck N. Amer. ground-squirrel. XIX. of Algonquian orig.