views updated May 14 2018

revere XVII. — F. révérer or L. reverērī, f. RE- + verērī feel awe of, fear.
So reverence deep respect XIII; gesture indicative of this; condition of being revered; as a title XIV. — (O)F. révérence — L. reverentia. So reverence vb. XIV. — AN. reverencer; cf. modF. révérencier. reverend worthy of reverence (spec. as an epithet of respect) XV. — (O)F. révérend or L. reverendus, gerundive of reverērī. reverent †reverend XIV; deeply respectful XV. In first sense — OF. reverent or after medL. reverentissimus most reverend (of bishops); in second sense — L. reverēns, -ent-, reverential XVI. — F. †reverencial, révérentiel or medL. *reverentiālis.


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re·vere / riˈvi(ə)r/ • v. [tr.] (often be revered) feel deep respect or admiration for (something): Cézanne's still lifes were revered by his contemporaries


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Re·vere 1 / rəˈvi(ə)r/ a city in east central Massachusetts, on Massachusetts Bay, northeast of Boston; pop. 42,786.