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Andersonville ★★★ 1995

Andersonville was an infamous Confederate prison camp in Georgia that by August, 1864 contained more than 32,000 Union POWs—and was planned to hold 8,000 men. One in four soldiers died in the camp. The story is told through the eyes of Massachusetts Corporal Josiah Day (Emick), who is captured in 1864 and struggles to survive the hellish conditions. The commander of the Andersonville was a deranged German-Swiss captain named Wirz (Triska)—who became the only Civil War soldier to be hanged for war crimes (depicted in “The Andersonville Trial”). The TV miniseries was filmed some 150 miles from the original site. 168m/C VHS, DVD . Thomas F. Wilson, Jarrod Emick, Frederic Forrest, Ted Marcoux, Jan Triska, Cliff DeYoung, Tom Aldredge, Frederick Coffin, Justin Henry, Kris Kamm, William H. Macy, Gabriel Olds, William Sanderson, Bud Davis, Carmen Argenziano, Peter Murnik; D: John Frankenheimer; W: David W. Rintels; C: Ric Waite; M: Gary Chang. TV

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Andersonville a village in Sumter county, Georgia, which during the American Civil War was the site of a Confederate military prison for Union soldiers; its high death rate was notorious.

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