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Sarnia, city (1991 pop. 74,376), S Ont., Canada, on the St. Clair River, at the south end of Lake Huron and opposite Port Huron, Mich. The two cities are connected by a railroad tunnel, and there is a bridge between Port Huron and Point Edward, just N of Sarnia. The city is a port and handles a large volume of freight for transshipment from railroads to lake steamers. There are grain elevators, machinery plants, oil refineries, and chemical and synthetic-rubber industries.

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Sarnia. ‘An Island Sequence’ of 3 pieces for pf. solo by Ireland, comp. 1940–1 and descriptive of the Channel Island. Pieces entitled 1. Le Catioroc, 2. In a May Morning, 3. Song of the Springtides. F.p. 1942 by Clifford Curzon.