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wield •Schwarzwald • Buchenwald •beheld, eld, geld, held, meld, self-propelled, upheld, weld, withheld •Ziegfeld • unparalleled • spot-weld •unscaled •afield, field, midfield, misfield, shield, unaneled, unconcealed, unhealed, unpeeled, unrevealed, unsealed, wield, yield •backfield • battlefield • Mansfield •Garfield • Sheffield • Lee-Enfield •airfield • Wakefield • Masefield •Greenfield • Lichfield • brickfield •Springfield • Smithfield • minefield •cornfield • brownfield • outfield •snowfield •coalfield, goldfield, Sutton Coldfield •oilfield • Bloomfield • Nuffield •upfield • Huddersfield • Sellafield •chesterfield • windshield •gumshield •build, deskilled, gild, guild, self-willed, sild, unfilled, unfulfilled, unskilled, untilled, upbuild •Brunhild • Roskilde

views updated

wield / wēld/ • v. [tr.] hold and use (a weapon or tool): a masked raider wielding a handgun. ∎  have and be able to use (power or influence): faction leaders wielded enormous influence within the party. DERIVATIVES: wield·er n.

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wield †rule, direct, command; handle with skill or effect. ME. wēlde(n), repr. (1) OE. str. vb. wealdan = OS. waldan, OHG. waltan (G. walten), ON. valda, Goth. waldan, and (2) OE. wk. vb. wieldan, f. mutated form of Gmc. *walð-, cogn. with Balto-Sl. forms denoting rule and power, and prob. ult. with *wal- of L. valēre be strong.
Hence wieldy (-Y1) †capable of easy movement XIV; (now chiefly as back-formation from UNWIELDY) manageable, handy XVI.