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cen·tral / ˈsentrəl/ • adj. 1. of, at, or forming the center: the station has a central courtyard. ∎  accessible from a variety of places: coaches met at a central location. ∎  Phonet. (of a vowel) articulated in the center of the mouth.2. of the greatest importance; principal or essential: his preoccupation with history is central to his work. ∎  (of a group or organization) having controlling power over a country or another organization: central government. ∎  (of power or authority) in the hands of such a group: local councils subject to central control.DERIVATIVES: cen·tral·i·ty / senˈtralətē/ n.cen·tral·ly adv.


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Central. An administrative region of Scotland, created in 1973 from Clackmannanshire, western parts of Perthshire, most of Stirlingshire, and the Bo'ness area of West Lothian. It was divided into three districts—Clackmannan, Falkirk, and Stirling. In April 1996 Central region was abolished, and all local government functions taken over by the previous districts. Parts of the area are mountainous, but most inhabitants live in a string of mainly industrial towns either in the Forth valley or along the line of the Forth–Clyde canal, which itself follows the natural east–west route used by the Romans for the Antonine Wall.

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Central Administrative region of central Scotland; the capital is Stirling. Major towns include Falkirk, Alloa, Grangemouth, and Dunblane. In the n lie the foothills of the Highlands, including the Trossachs. The s is drained chiefly by the River Forth and is the region's industrial base. Industries: brewing and distilling. The Firth of Forth cuts into the e of the region. Historic sites include Bannockburn battleground and Stirling Castle. Area: 2635sq km (913sq mi). Pop. (1991) 267,492.

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