Lake Eyre

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Lake Eyre, shallow salt lake, 3,430 sq mi (8,884 sq km), central South Australia state, Australia; largest lake in Australia. The lake, 39 ft (12 m) below sea level, is the continent's lowest point. Located in the arid interior of Australia, the lake is frequently dry. During the winter rainy season, numerous stream beds carry floodwaters into the lake. A move in 1995 to designate the lake's basin as a world heritage site pitted environmentalists and the federal government against the state government and parties concerned with pastoral and mining rights. In 2012 the Arabana aborigines' native title to Lake Eyre was recognized as part of a decision involving nearly 27,000 sq mi (70,000 sq km) of South Australia.

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Eyre, Lake Salt lake in ne South Australia. It is the lowest point on the continent, c.15m (50ft) below sea level, and the largest salt lake in Australia. Area: 9324sq km (3600sq mi). Max. depth: 1.2m (4ft).