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Gujratapart, apparat, art, baht, Bart, Barthes, cart, carte, chart, clart, dart, Eilat, fart, ghat, Gujarat, Gujrat, hart, Harte, heart, heart-to-heart, impart, Jat, kart, kyat, Maat, Mansart, mart, outsmart, part, quarte, salat, savate, Scart, smart, start, tart, zakat •Hobart • wallchart • flow chart •Bogart • Stuttgart • Earhart •greenheart • sweetheart • Leichhardt •Reinhardt • Bernhardt • handcart •Descartes • dogcart • go-kart •pushcart • dustcart • rampart •forepart • underpart • Bonaparte •counterpart • Bundesrat • Robsart •Mozart • Hallstatt • kick-start •push-start • upstart


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Gujrat (gŏŏjərät´), city (1998 pop. 250,121), NE Pakistan. It is near the Chenab River and on a major road between Peshawar and Lahore. Gujrat is noted for its furniture, brassware, pottery, and cotton goods. Boots, carpets, and electric fans are also produced. Standing on the site of a fort built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1580, Gujrat was the location of the final battle between the British and the Sikhs in 1849, leading to British annexation of the region. The grave of Shah Daula, a Sufi mystic, is a noted Muslim shrine. The town has two colleges affiliated with Punjab Univ.