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Sendai (sĕndī´), city (1990 pop. 928,138), capital of Miyagi prefecture, N Honshu, Japan, on Inshinomaki Bay. A major industrial city and the commercial center of N Honshu, it has industries that manufacture chemicals, metal goods, wooden dolls, and silk yarn. Long an educational center, Sendai is home to Tohoku Univ. and other institutions. In the 17th cent. the city was the stronghold of the powerful feudal lord Date Masamune. The Osaki Hachiman Shrine (built 1606) is there. The 2011 earthquake and tsunami caused extensive devastation in Sendai.


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Sendaideadeye, red-eye •Sendai • solidi •nidi, tie-dye •eisteddfodau • Bondi • fundi