Senaillé (also Senaillié, Senallié, etc.), Jean Baptiste

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Senaillé (also Senaillié, Senallié, etc.), Jean Baptiste

Senaillé (also Senaillié, Senallié , etc.), Jean Baptiste, French violinist and composer; b. Paris, Nov. 23, 1687; d. there, Oct. 15, 1730. Although the spelling “Senaillé” is widely used, he signed his name “Senaillié,” as did his father; contemporary eds. of his music invariably used the form “Senaillié.” He most likely studied with his father, whom he succeeded in the “24 violons du roi” in 1713. After an Italian sojourn (c. 1717–19), he resumed his position in Paris in 1720; also appeared at the Concert Spirituel (1728–30). His music reflects Italian influences. He pubi. 50 violin sonatas (with continuo) in 5 books (1710–27).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire