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Pontianak •blackjack • applejack • flapjack •steeplejack • cheapjack • skipjack •hijack, skyjack •bootjack • lumberjack • crackerjack •ack-ack • click-clack • eyeblack •kulak • shoeblack • bootblack •yashmak • Tarmac • Cormac •Potomac • sumac •Karnak, Nanak, Pontianak •knick-knack • almanac • Pasternak •backpack • woolpack • mudpack •power pack • Mubarak • backtrack •amtrac, Amtrak •half-track • serac • racetrack •rickrack • gimcrack • tribrach •wisecrack • sidetrack • soundtrack •bladderwrack • sandarac • Skagerrak •Bergerac • Bacharach • bric-à-brac •tamarack • anorak


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Pontianak (pôntēä´näk), city (1990 pop. 398,357), capital of West Kalimantan prov., W Borneo, Indonesia, at the mouth of a small stream in the Kapuas delta near the west coast. The chief city of W Borneo and an important port, it serves an area producing rubber, palm oil, sugar, pepper, rice, tobacco, and gold. Industries include shipbuilding and the processing of the region's products. In the city are the Univ. of West Kalimantan and a private university.