Pontelibero, Ferdinando

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Pontelibero, Ferdinando

Pontelibero, Ferdinando , Italian violinist and composer, known as “Ajutantini”; b. Corno, 1770; d. Milan, 1835. He was an orch. player in Corno before joining the orch. of Milan’s La Scala about 1795. In 1814 he became first violinist for the ballet there, continuing with the orch. as well until 1833.


DRAMATIC: Ballet (all 1st perf. at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan): Il Generale Colla in Roma or Il ballo del Papa (Feb. 25, 1797); Gonzalvo in America (Jan. 1799); I francesi in Egitto or Buonaparte in Egitto (Feb. 11, 1799); Zulima (Jan. 1800); Sadak e Kalasrad (Jan. 1801); Il sagrifizio di Curzio (Dec. 26, 1804); Akina e Ruggiero (1805); Magri e grassi (June 16, 1806); Cambise in Egitto (Sept. 30, 1807); La morte di Whaytsong, ultimo imperatore della dinastia Chinese (Jan. 24, 1809; Acts 2–5 by G. Ferliga). OTHER : 3 sinfonias, various dances, 6 string quartets, and vocal pieces.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire