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Bissau Capital of Guinea-Bissau, near the mouth of the River Geba, w Africa. Established by the Portuguese as a slave-trading centre in 1687, Bissau became a free port in 1869. It replaced Bonama as capital in 1941. The port has recently been improved. Industries: oil processing. Pop. (2002 est.) 288,300.

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Bissauallow, avow, Bilbao, Bissau, bough, bow, bow-wow, brow, cacao, chow, ciao, cow, dhow, Dow, endow, Foochow, Frau, Hangzhou, Hough, how, Howe, kowtow, Lao, Liao, Macao, Macau, miaow, Mindanao, mow, now, ow, Palau, plough (US plow), pow, prow, row, scow, Slough, sough, sow, Tao, thou, vow, wow, Yangshao

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