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Kumasi City in central Ghana; capital of Ashanti region. The second-largest city in Ghana, it was the capital of the Ashanti kingdom in the 17th and 18th centuries, before being annexed by the British in 1901. It is a commercial centre for a cocoa-growing region. Industries: food processing, handicrafts, timber. Pop. (2000) 420,000.

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Kumasi (kōōmă´sē, –mä´–), city (1984 pop. 376,246), capital of the Ashanti Region, central Ghana. The second largest city in Ghana, it is a commercial and transportation center in a cocoa-producing region, and it has a large central market. Kumasi was founded c.1700 as the capital of the Ashanti confederacy. Although the British destroyed the Ashanti palace in 1874, the city remains the seat of Ashanti kings. A university of science and technology and other schools are in the city.