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smith / smi[unvoicedth]/ • n. a worker in metal. ∎ short for blacksmith. • v. [tr.] treat (metal) by heating, hammering, and forging it: tin-bronze was cast into ingots before being smithed into bracelets.

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smith one who works in iron, etc. OE. smið = MDu. smit, (also mod.) smid, OHG. smid (G. schmied), ON. smiðr :- Gmc. *smīþaz; orig. prob. craftsman, f. IE. *smei-, repr. by Gr. smī́lē chisel, sminúē mattock.
So smith vb. OE. smiðian = OS., OHG. smithōn, ON. smiǒa, Goth. gasmīþōn. smithy XIII. — ON. smiðja, corr. to OE. smiððe.