Five Ks

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Five Ks, Pañj Kakke. Sikh symbols. Khālsā Sikhs, male and female, are identifiable by five emblems which they wear. These are called the five Ks because their Pañjābī names all commence with ‘kakkā’ (k).1. Keś, uncut hair.2. Kaṅghā, a small comb, usually of wood or ivory. This keeps the hair neat and so symbolizes controlled spirituality. Often a miniature kirpān (see below) is embedded in the kaṅghā.3. Kirpān, steel sword. The kirpān signifies courage in defence of right.4. Kaṛā, steel bangle, worn on the right wrist.5. Kachh, long shorts. These replaced the ‘dhotī’, customarily worn by men, enabling swift action in war.


Ks, Five

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Ks, Five: see FIVE KS.