Five Fingers

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Five Fingers ★★★½ Operation Cicero 1952

Under the alias “Cicero,” Albanian valet Mason joins the espionage ring, selling highly confidential British war papers to the Germans during WWII. True story with odd reallife ending—unconvinced of document authenticity, the Nazis never acted on the information, even when they had the time and date of the European invasion! Fastpaced and absorbing. Adapted from the book “Operation Cicero” by L.C. Moyzisch. 108m/B VHS . James Mason, Danielle Darrieux, Michael Rennie, Walter Hampden, Oscar Karlweis, Herbert Berghof, John Wengraf, Michael Pate, Ivan Triesault, Hannelore Axman, David Wolfe, Nestor Paiva, Richard Loo, Keith McConnell; D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; W: Michael Wilson; M: Bernard Herrmann; Nar: John Sutton. Golden Globes '53: Screenplay.