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neigh·bor / ˈnābər/ (Brit. neigh·bour) • n. a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to: our garden was the envy of the neighbors. ∎  a person or place in relation to others near or next to it: I chatted with my neighbor on the flight to New York | matching our investment levels with those of our North American neighbors. ∎  any person in need of one's help or kindness (after biblical use): love thy neighbor as thyself.• v. [tr.] (of a place or thing) be situated next to or very near (another): the square neighbors the old quarter of the town | [as adj.] (neighboring) a couple at a neighboring table. DERIVATIVES: neigh·bor·less adj.


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neighbour OE. nēahg̣ebūr, nēahhebūr, f. nēah NIGH + g̣ebūr peasant, freeholder (f. Gmc. *bū- dwell; cf. BOOR); corr. to MDu. nagebuer, OHG. nāhgibūr; cf. OS. nābūr, MLG., MDu. nabur, MHG. nāchbūr (G. nachbar), ON. nábúi.
Hence neighbourhood XV.


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neighbour what a neighbour gets is not lost proverbial saying, mid 16th century, meaning that one is likely to benefit from the gain of a neighbour or friend.

See also good fences make good neighbours, the rotten apple injures its neighbour.