Campbell, Donald Malcolm

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Campbell, Donald Malcolm (1921–67) British world speed record holder. Son of Sir Malcolm Campbell, he set seven new world records on water. In 1964, he broke the world water and speed records in Australia. On Lake Dumbleyung, Campbell achieved 444.7km/h (276.28mph), while on the salt flats of Lake Eyre he reached 648.72km/h (403mph). He died trying to set a new record. As with his father, all his vehicles were called Bluebird. In 1984, his daughter Gina set a new women's water speed record.

MacDonald, Malcolm (Calum)

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MacDonald, Malcolm (Calum) (b Nairn, 1948). Scottish critic and composer. Composer of songs and pf. pieces. Author of many articles and of books on Havergal Brian, J. H. Foulds, and Schoenberg.

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