Joseph Michel Montgolfier

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Joseph Michel Montgolfier (zhôzĕf´ mēshĕl´ môNgôlfyā´), 1740–1810, and Jacques Étienne Montgolfier (zhäk ātyĕn´), 1745–99, French inventors, brothers. Together they invented the first practical balloon. On June 5, 1783, they sent up at Annonay, near Lyons, a large linen bag inflated with hot air; its flight covered more than a mile and lasted 10 min. In the same year a Montgolfier balloon sailed over Paris in the first manned free balloon flight.

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Montgolfier, Joseph Michel (1740–1810) and Jacques Étienne (1745–99) French inventors of the hot-air balloon. In 1782, the brothers experimented with paper and linen balloons filled with hot gases collected over a fire. In November 1783, the brothers launched the first balloon to carry humans.