Joseph Moses ben Jekuthiel Zalman

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JOSEPH MOSES BEN JEKUTHIEL ZALMAN (d. 1781), rabbi and kabbalist. At first he served as rabbi in Drohiczyn (near Pinsk), subsequently in Pinsk itself, and from 1746 in Sambor (Galicia). In his old age he migrated to Ereẓ Israel and died in Safed. He was the author of Maggid Mishneh, a commentary on Mafte'aḥ ha-Olamot, the first part of Mishnat Ḥasidim, the kabbalistic treatise of Immanuel Ḥai *Ricchi (printed with the text, Zolkiew, 1745); Kiryat Arba, a kabbalistic commentary to the Shema, together with a supplement to his Maggid Mishneh and Ḥillukei de-Rabbanan, talmudic novellae (ibid., 1768). His Hokhmat ha-Tekhunah, a commentary on the astronomical portions of Maimonides' Code, was published in the introduction to the Toledot Avraham of Abraham b. Isaac Eisenberg (1881), while his Mareh Ofannim on astronomy and the calculation of the new moon has remained in manuscript, as has his Mirkevet ha-Mishneh, talmudic novellae.


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Joseph Moses ben Jekuthiel Zalman

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