St Sebastian

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St Sebastian (late 3rd century), Roman martyr. According to legend he was a soldier who was shot by archers on the orders of Diocletian, but who recovered, confronted the emperor, and was then clubbed to death.

Sebastian is the patron saint of archers and is often (like St Roch) invoked against plague. His emblem is an arrow (symbolizing plague), and his feast day is 20 January.

Sebastian, Saint

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Sebastian, Saint (d. 288) Roman Christian martyr. Legend says that he was a favourite of Emperor Diocletian who, on learning that Sebastian was a Christian, condemned him to be killed by arrows. He survived and later voluntarily appeared before Diocletian, who this time had him beaten to death. His feast day is January 20.

Sebastian, St

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Sebastian, St. Roman Christian martyr who is believed to have died in the persecution of Diocletian (late 3rd cent.). As a young man transfixed by arrows he was an extremely popular subject for Renaissance artists. Feast day, 20 Jan.

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Saint Sebastian

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Saint Sebastian