Thomas Linley

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Linley, Thomas (b Bath, 1756; d Grimsthorpe, Lincs., 1778). Eng. composer and violinist, son of Thomas Linley. Friend of Mozart. Wrote opera The Cady of Baghdad (1778), oratorio, incidental mus. (incl. The Duenna with his father), 6 vn. sonatas, at least 20 vn. concs. (only one survives), and songs. Twice painted by Gainsborough. Drowned in boating accident.

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Linley, Thomas (b Badminton, 1733; d London, 1795). Eng. composer. Taught and gave concerts in Bath. Later joint manager of oratorios at Drury Lane Th., London, which he partly owned from 1776. Wrote mus. for many plays, incl. R. B. Sheridan's The Duenna (1775), also songs, cantatas, madrigals, and elegies. Daughter Elizabeth (1754–92), sop., married Sheridan.