Thomas Jorz

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Dominican cardinal and theologian; d. Grenoble, France, Dec. 13, 1310. Probably an Englishman (he is called Anglus or Anglicus ), he became a Dominican in England; he was made regent master of theology at Oxford c. 1292, prior there from 1294 to 1297, and provincial of England (12971304). He successfully settled disputes between the Exeter priory and the cathedral chapter and between the Cambridge priory and the university, arranged for episcopal licensing of friars as confessors, and at the chapter of Marseilles in 1300 petitioned for the arrest of vagabond friars. In 1304 Jorz was granted royal safe conduct for two years to go to Rome on the order's business. He was made adviser and confessor to King Edward I and acted on behalf of both Edward I and Edward II at the Roman Curia. While on a royal diplomatic mission to Lyons, Dec. 15, 1305, he was created cardinal priest of S. Sabina by Clement V. En route to Henry VII of Germany as Clement's legate, Jorz died; he was buried at Blackfriars, Oxford. Extracts from his Commentary on the Sentences embody concise and complete refutation of duns scotus's attacks on the teachings of thomas aquinas. Many works once ascribed to Jorz are now known to be those of thomas waleys, also called Anglus or Anglicus.

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