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Bing, (Sir) Rudolf (Franz Joseph) (b Vienna, 1902. d NY, 1997). Austrian-born impresario. Worked in concert agency 1923–7. At Darmstadt State Th., 1928–30, and Charlottenburg-Berlin Opera 1930–3, under Carl Ebert. Went to Eng. (cit. 1946) and was manager, Glyndebourne Opera 1935–9 and 1946–9. First dir., Edinburgh Festival, 1947–9. Gen. man. NY Met, 1950–72. CBE 1956. KBE 1971. Autobiography 5,000 Nights at the Opera (London, 1972).

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Rudolf Bing (rōō´dŏlf bĬng), 1902–97, Austrian operatic manager. Naturalized a British subject in 1946, he was general manager of the Glyndebourne operatic festivals (1934–49) and artistic manager of the Edinburgh International Festival (1947–49). He became general manager of the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1950. Bing was knighted in 1971 and retired the following year.

See his 5000 Nights at the Opera (1972).