Domenico Alberti

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Alberti, Domenico (b Venice, c.1710; d Rome, 1746). It. composer of operas, songs, and of 36 hpd. sonatas in which his use of the formula known as Alberti bass occurs frequently. Was also a singer, accompanying himself on the hpd. Was heard by Farinelli in Spain, 1736.

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Alberti, Domenico

Alberti, Domenico, Italian singer, harpsichordist, and composer; b. Venice, c. 1710; d. Rome, Oct. 14, 1746. He was a student of Biffi and Lotti. In 1736 he went as a page to Spain in the retinue of the Venetian ambassador, and won the approbation of Farinelli for his vocal artistry. He settled in Rome in the service of Marquis Molinari. Alberti is the reputed originator of the arpeggio style of keyboard accompaniment known as the “Alberti Bass.” His vol. of 8 sonatas, publ. as op.l (London, 1748), gives many illustrations of this device. A total of 14 complete sonatas and 10 movements from other sonatas are extant, which demonstrate his adept handling of the gallant style. He also wrote at least three operas.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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Domenico Alberti (dōmā´nēkō älbĕr´tē), c.1710–c.1740, Venetian singer, harpsichordist, and composer. The Alberti bass (which he used but probably did not invent) is a broken, left-hand chord accompaniment frequently employed in 18th-century keyboard music.