Ford Madox Brown

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Brown, Ford Madox (1821–93) English painter, closely associated with (although not a member of) the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. A meticulous draughtsman, he was in contact with the German Nazarenes before settling in England in 1845. The Pre-Raphaelite influence can be seen in The Last of England (1855) and Work (1852–63). Towards the end of his career, he produced a cycle of paintings on the history of Manchester (1878–93). He was the grandfather of the writer Ford Madox Ford.

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Ford Madox Brown, 1821–93, English historical painter, b. Calais, France. Although closely affiliated with the Pre-Raphaelites in London, he never joined the brotherhood. Examples of his paintings are Work (1852–63; Manchester Art Gall.); The Last of England (1855; Birmingham Gall.); and his series of 12 frescoes in the town hall of Manchester, depicting the history of that city. He was the grandfather of Ford Madox Ford.