Ford, Alexander

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FORD, ALEXANDER (1908–1984), Polish film producer. Born in Lodz, Ford worked in Palestine in 1933 with a Polish unit making a story-documentary, Sabra. His Droga Młodych ("Road of the Young," 1936), banned in Poland, was exhibited in Paris. He became the director of Film Polski in 1945. He gained recognition for Ulica Graniczna ("Border Street," Venice gold medal, 1948), which dealt with the Warsaw ghetto. Młodość Chopina ("Youth of Chopin," 1952), Piaétka z Ulicy Barskiej ("Five Boys of Barski Street," Cannes Festival Prize, 1954); and Krzyzacy ("Crusader," 1960). Prevented from making a film on Janusz *Korczak, Ford left Poland in 1968 and settled in Israel in 1970.