Mino da Fiesole

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Mino da Fiesole (mē´nō dä fyā´zōlā) or Mino di Giovanni (dē jōvän´nē), 1429–84, Florentine sculptor of the early Renaissance. He produced many tombs and sculptures for churches. Among the best are the altar in the cathedral at Fiesole, the monument to Count Hugo in the Badia of Florence, and the tombs of Bishop Salutati, Fiesole, and of Francesco Tornabuoni, Rome. He also worked (1474–77) on the monument to Pope Paul II in St. Peter's. His religious sculpture varies in execution from a delicate to an overly sweet style. His portrait busts are more vigorous and include those of Niccolò Strozzi (Berlin) and Astorgio Manfredi (National Gall. of Art, Washington, D.C.).

See W. R. Val ntiner, Studies of Renaissance Sculpture (1950).

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