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Gerard David (both: gā´rärt dä´vēt), c.1460–1523, Flemish painter, b. Oudewater, Holland. By 1484 he had established himself in Bruges, where he remained until his death. Dependent on the art of earlier Flemish painters, such as Jan van Eyck and Robert Campin, his work displays a uniform tenderness and grace. Among his notable paintings are the Madonna Enthroned (Louvre); the Virgin among the Virgins (1509, Rouen); the Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (National Gall., London); the Annunciation (Metropolitan Mus.); and the Deposition (Frick Coll., New York City).

See E. Panofsky, Early Netherlandish Painting (1953).

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David, Gerard (1460–1523) Flemish painter. Influenced by van Eyck and van der Weyden, David has a distinctive austere grace. He was commissioned by the town of Bruges to paint several works: The Judgement of Cambyses and The Flaying of Sisamnes warned officials of the retribution for injustice. Other works include Madonna Enthroned and Annunciation.;