Moses ben Jacob Cordovero

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Cordovero, Moses (1552–70). Kabbalistic scholar. Cordovero was a disciple of Joseph Caro and the teacher of Isaac Luria. He attempted to construct a speculative kabbalistic system based on traditional medieval philosophy and the teachings of the Zohar. His two great systematic works were Pardes Rimmonim (‘Orchard of Pomegranates’) and Ellimah Rabbati; and he also wrote a long commentary on the Zohar, Or Yaqar (Precious Light). His Tomer Devorah (Palm Tree of Deborah) is a popular work showing how Kabbalah is, in practice, a way leading to God.

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Cordovero, Moses

A famous Kabalist of the sixteenth century who was influential in the Safed school of mystical interpretations of the Torah. His writings include Shi'ur Lomah and Padres Rimmonim.

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